Bulkheads Series 23

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“P”-seals mounted on the gate Easily manipulated with a crane or chain block


 Bulkhead Gates SERIES 23 is used to shut off water flow in structures to enable maintenance or repairs on other equipment or for emergency purposes (Figure 23-01). They are also used to divert a flow of water in different areas of a plant. Bulkheads are also referred to as Stop Shutters or Intake Gates and can be stacked one over the other like Stop Logs to limit the weight of the Bulkhead for manipulation.

Built-in stainless steel, SERIES 23 Bulkheads can also be equipped with a top seal to shut off a submerged opening.

The most common mountings are embedded or surface mounted in a channel (Figures 23-02 and 03).

The sealing system consists of a “P”-seal installed on each side of the Bulkhead and a resilient seal on the bottom (Details 23-04, 05). Gates are available with or without the top seal. “P”- seals can be provided in different materials to suit the particular needs of each application.


Bulkheads are operated with a crane and can be supplied with a lifting device to allow the crane to pick up the gate at a lower elevation.