Series 40 - Weir Gate For Flow and Level Control

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Can be supplied in a multitude of shapes The self-adjusting sealing system allows precise flow measurement Low-maintenance

The Fontaine-Aquanox SERIES 40 weir gate is used to control flows and level in different applications by opening downwards and allowing water flow over the stainless steel plate. The SERIES 40 sealing system design is similar to that of the SERIES 20.

Because of its stainless steel construction, the SERIES 40 has high corrosion and erosion resistance, and can be operated many years with minimum maintenance. Stainless steel allows the weir to be fabricated in a multitude of shapes to measure flows. The most common shapes used for measuring flows are the rectangular weir or the 90 degree V-notch weir.

SERIES 40 gates are built to meet or exceed AWWA C561-14 standards pertaining to the design safety factors, stem and stem couplings, stem guides positioning, manual lifting devices, and leakage.

The stainless steel frame on the SERIES 40 is a flange back type (Fig. 40-02) available in open or self-contained configurations, providing a solid one-piece gate. The rigidity provided by the frame makes it easier to handle in transportation and installation, with less risk of distortion. The flange can be modified in order for the gate to be installed on many applications.

The slide consists of a stainless steel plate reinforced with horizontal members welded to the plate, making it a solid one-piece slide. It can be fabricated in various shapes to control and calculate the flow of water.

The side and bottom seals (fig.40-02, 03) are the same as on the SERIES 20, allowing no metal-to-metal contact. They are made of a self lubricating ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). With a friction coefficient of less than 0.2, the seals make the gate easier to operate even after a long period of inactivity. The self-adjusting quality is obtained by a continuous compression cord which guarantees watertight seal between the slide and the frame in both seating and unseating conditions. The bottom seal (fig. 40-03) is a UHMWPE piece with continuous compression cord, allowing contact between the slide and seal at all times.

Figure 40-04 shows the most common SERIES 40 mounting.

Available options for flow measurement.

Figure 40-06 shows the installation of a calibrated gauge necessary for flow calculation.The calibrated gauge is available on any unit.

Figures 40-07 & 40-08 show a few examples of the different weir shapes possible.

Figures 40-09 through 40-11 show the most common frame and stem configurations.



C513 withdrawal

EASE OF INSTALLATION: These wall mounted gates have been designed for contractors and are easy to install with the use of the thick wall gasket and standardized components.  Self adjusting seals do not require any field adjustment.

LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE: Guaranteed maximum leakage rate: 0.04 gpm/ft of sealing perimeter (only 40% of the maximum allowed by AWWA C561-14.  The gates will also remain easily operable even after very long periods of inactivity.

EXTENDED WARRANTY: Series W Weir Gates come with ISE Metal’s exclusive 5 year warranty against defects of design or manufacturing, ensuring peace of mind to the owners of our quality products.

* Gates designed specifically for requirements.  Contact us for pricing & drawings : info@ISEaquanox.com