Newsletter - September 2017


It has been roughly one year since the deal to purchase the Fontaine brand from Rexnord, LLC of Milwaukee, WI by ISE Metal Inc. of Sherbrooke, Quebec closed. As many of you know, ISE Metal is the owner of Aquanox Water Control Gates which in turn has a solid foundation of former Fontaine employees who didn't make the move to Orange, MA in 2010 when Rexnord merged Fontaine with the Rodney Hunt Company.  

The new entity now goes under the name Fontaine-Aquanox Water Control Gates.

The Rodney Hunt Company was sold by Rexnord to a company based in India called JASH. They are manufacturers of both cast iron and fabricated slide gates. As a result of this acquisition, Fontaine no longer has any association whatsoever with The Rodney Hunt Company.


It is important for engineers and end users to be aware of this fact when specifying fabricated slide gates with the proven, high quality Fontaine design, they must be sure to specify “Fontaine-Aquanox” in their spec, otherwise they may end up with something totally different. Many existing specs list “Rodney Hunt – Fontaine” which is no longer valid since both companies have new ownership and operate separately.


Fontaine-Aquanox is back and already having an impact on the fabricated slide gate marketplace in North America. Fontaine’s leading edge gate designs, strong commitment to quality and outstanding service have made it one of the leading fabricated gate manufacturers in the world. It was Fontaine who revolutionized the slide gate industry back in the mid 1980’s with their robust flange back frames and UHMWPE guides and seals and since then, most other gate manufacturers have followed this trendsetting design with similar designs of their own.

Our new owner, ISE Metal, has stepped up to the plate and is providing Fontaine-Aquanox with the resources needed to reach our goal to remain a global leader in fabricated slide gates. In the fall of this year, we will be moving to a new, larger manufacturing facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec to better serve our clients. This will make our manufacturing process even more efficient and further reduce our lead and delivery times. We also have a number of new projects in progress and will report on these in future issues.


Presently, Fontaine-Aquanox is represented by 30 dedicated municipal sales rep firms spread across North America. All are well trained and ready to assist you with your slide gate design. Please refer to our website for a local representative in your area.

We hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter and look forward to the next one.