Our Team

The FONTAINE-AQUANOX team, Experienced Gate Specialists

At ISE Metal, a team is dedicated exclusively to FONTAINE-AQUANOX gates.  This team of experts, combining close to 90 years experience in the field of Water Control Gates, strive to satisfy more and more customers every day through innovations in design and manufacturing.  Customer service, development of premium quality products, continuous improvement and optimization of production processes are what drives us day in day out.

Marc Boily, ing., M.Sc.A
Business Development Manager

Over 20 years experience in engineering, management, production and sales in water control gates for the municipal construction sector.

Edouard Poulin, ing.
Director of Engineering and Production

More than 10 years experience in water control gate design, engineering, and product development.

Michael Lawrence
Director of Sales

Spent over 25 years in the Water Control Products business. Brings a great wealth of knowledge on the fabricated gate product line and the market we serve.  Michael is based in his home office in Ottawa, Ontario, (613) 795-5041


Patrick Cotnoir
Engineering Supervisor

More than 10 years experience in water control gates design and as project manager for product development as well as major supply contracts domestic and export.

Yvan Matteau
Design Technician

More than 20 years experience in water control gates drafting, design and as application specialist for product development as well as many contracts domestic and export.